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The Insider Edge
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Bestselling trading author Guy Cohen introduces the OVIindicator to stock trading More fortunes are made from trading stocks than any otherfinancial instrument, and these windfalls are available to anyonewho has access to the right information. Presenting the methods used by the best traders in themarket, The Insider Edge: How to Follow the Insidersfor Windfall Profits uses options transaction data to revealwhat 'informed traders' are doing, and how anyone can takeadvantage of these techniques. Whether the markets are choppy or trending, it always pays towait for a clear opportunity. Any good trader knows that they needan Edge to excel, and this book demonstrates how the combination ofspecific chart patterns, author Guy Cohen's proprietary OVIindicator, and a robust trading plan, when combined, will deliversuccess. In The Insider Edge, Guy Cohen reveals: * How you can profit from options without having to trade or evenunderstand them! * Why the smart money often gravitates to the optionsmarkets. * How options transactions can often reveal the direction of thestock price. * How you can trade using information typically reserved for thepros. * A trading plan the delivers maximum safety and windfallprofits. * How to use his proprietary OVI indicator online for free, soyou can start to follow the insiders. The author emphasises that The Insider Edge is for anyonewho wants to trade stocks. No options knowledge is requiredto benefit from this book. His method involves observing whatthe smart options traders are doing, and then following them. This is what gives you The Insider Edge.

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