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Swing Trading: The Definitive and Step-by-Step ...
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Discover the secret short-to-medium-term trading strategies professional traders use to make $100,000 a day. This bundle is made up of Andrew Johnson's masterpieces on trading which includes: A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading: Discover How to Be a Day Trading King, and A Beginner's Guide to Forex: Uncover the Secrets of Forex, and Options Trading: A Beginner's Guide to Option Trading: Unlocking the Secrets of Option Trading, and A Beginner's Guide to Binary Options: Uncovering the Secrets of Binary Options, and Day Trading: The Ultimate Guide to Day Trading: Uncovering Day Trading Profit Making Secrets, and Forex: The Ultimate Guide to Forex: Uncovering Forex Profit Making Secrets, and Options Trading: The Ultimate Guide to Options Trading: Uncovering Options Trading Profit Making Secrets, and Binary Options: The Ultimate Guide to Binary Options: Uncovering Binary Options Profit Making Secrets Swing trading is a common trading technique the big boys of Wall Street use to make a fortune. This book will cover their key strategies. You finally have access to the secret trading strategies of Wall Street traders. Inside you will find: A key analysis on how to master day trading Fourteen different patterns that will help you determine the current momentum of the market no matter what the specifics Ten different trading strategies for all seasons and market moods and how to get the most out of each one Several specialized and advanced trading techniques and when to use them for maximum profit The importance of timing and how to ensure you always choose the right time to enter or exit a trade The difference between the butterfly spread and the modified butterfly spread and when to use each for the best results 1. Language: English. Narrator: Beatrice Hernandez. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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